Travel Insurance

Accidents happen. People get sick. Flights are invariably delayed (particularly in China)!


Over our years of dealing with expat travelers we have seen too many cases of people being stuck and out of pocket considerable expenses because they didn’t think buying travel insurance was important.


Travel insurance is vital whenever you are undertaking any travel to ensure your peace of mind, safety and financial security should something unexpected occur.


Travel insurance should adequately cover items such as:


  • Travel inconvenience (travel & baggage delays, trip curtailment & cancellation)
  • Personal effects
  • Personal accident & medical protection
  • Medical evacuation & repatriation
  • Personal liability


If you already have some form of expat insurance or credit card insurance, make sure you check carefully the coverage for travel related expenses and any activities you may plan to do.

If you’d like to purchase a new policy we can recommend RSA TourGuard Travel Insurance and AIG TourGuard by Chartis.

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Finding the right coverage can be confusing. Frequently asked questions from travelers include:


  • If I get delayed at Pudong airport and miss my connecting flight with a low cost airline, can I get my money back?
  • If I travel with my laptop, iPad and iPhone and they are damaged or stolen, will insurance cover it?
  • Are personal belongings covered by home insurance or do I need separate coverage?
  • If I get sick or am unable to travel prior to my departure date, can I get my money back?
  • If there is a civil protest, disaster, or other incident in my intended destination, will insurance cover me if I still travel?
  • If I have a serious accident overseas and need an international hospital, will I be flown to China or my home country?
  • Do I need to pay upfront medical fees or the insurance company will pay for me directly?
  • If I am traveling and find out I must return home early due to an ill or dying family member, does my insurance cover the unused portion of my trip?
  • If a travel advisory comes out against my intended destination by the country of my nationality, but China does not advise against travel, will insurance cover my trip or help recover cancellation costs?


To help you choose the policy that’s right for you, Classic Travel have partnered with the insurance experts at UNISTAR Insurance Brokerage & Consulting (Shanghai) to provide our customers with free advice and recommendations.


The team at Unistar comprise of risk management and insurance experts who average more than 10 years of professional experience with the most respected international insurers. More importantly they are experts on insurance matters specific to China.


Simply let us know, and we can arrange for one of their consultants to give you a call. Once you decide on the right policy, you can pay for your insurance together with your travel arrangements with us.


You can also contact them directly and mention Classic Travel to use the free service.


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Contact us for further details, and remember

“If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!”