Booking Process


Navigate Our Website For Ideas


We've loaded many packages onto our website so you can get an idea of the destinations and types of travel we can arrange for you. Browse through to get ideas of what you would like to do. However, if you don't see something you like, let us know as we are happy to tailor something for you.


These useful terms to describe our Travel Style will help you better understand the kinds of travel products on this site:


Free & Easy - these packages typically include the basics: flights, accommodation, and sometimes airport transfers and breakfast. During the rest of the time you are free to make your own arrangements. These are best for independent travelers, or those who simply want to relax at beach destinations.


Private Tour - these packages involve scheduled sightseeing as per an itinerary and will be on a private basis (you will not be grouped with strangers). You'll typically have a private vehicle with driver and be escorted by an English-speaking local guide. Some private tours will also include entrance fees to sights and meals. Flights will normally also be included, check the inclusions.


Group Tour - these also involve scheduled sightseeing with vehicle, driver and local guide, however are not private. You will be grouped together with other Classic Travel customers and travel together through-out the itinerary. Sometimes we refer to these as Classic Mini-Group Tours.


Join-In Group Tour - these are tours where you may join other non-Classic-Travel tourists for sightseeing. Sometimes you may hear us refer to these using the industry term "SIC" which means Seat In Coach. The most common Join-In Tours are day tours in the destination you travel to. These are run by our suppliers on the ground and minimum/maximum group numbers are set by them, subject to demand. Join-In Tours are a good option for budget-conscious travelers as they are usually run at lower cost, however we have less control over the quality of the touring and guides.


Pre-blocked Airfare Package - Please note if this trip uses a pre-blocked airfare which is part of a group seat package. Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to view details. 


Tell Us What You Want


It seems like an obvious thing to do, but you will be surprised how many people forget! The more information you give us, the more we can tailor something to suit your needs. Think about the following:


  • What kind of traveler are you? Do you like to relax, or stay active? Do you love history & culture, or prefer nature and wildlife?
  • Have you been to this destination before?
  • How many adults and how many children (children are typically defined as under 12 years old)?
  • What dates would you like to travel and are you flexible on days?
  • Do you have any preferences of airlines or time of day you would like to fly?
  • What standard and style of accommodation would you prefer?
  • Do you have a budget you have to keep to?
  • Are you relatively independent or would you like us to help recommend some tours and activities?
  • If you are a family do you have any specific requirements, e.g. bedding configuration, baby cots, kids clubs, babysitting services, no overnight flights, etc

Any other extra information is always helpful so we can ensure we arrange the perfect holiday for you.



Quotation Process


Once you send us your enquiry, you will be assigned a personal Travel Planner who will be dedicated to look after you. This will be your single point-of-contact. Your Travel Planner will put together a quote based on your requirements and will communicate with you to adjust this until you are satisfied. Once you are ready to go ahead with the booking, we will need passport details to lock in airfare and hotel bookings. Until you provide these details we are unable to make the necessary reservations so be aware that prices are subject to change as availability fluctuates.


Once we've made the reservations we will send you an invoice for payment. Airfares typically have a payment and ticketing deadline, so your Travel Planner will let you know when payment is required so that we can then issue tickets.



Payment Methods


We offer a variety of payment methods so you can choose one that is suitable for you:


Cash: We can send our courier free of charge to your home or office (within Shanghai area) to collect cash. Please let us know the address and your preferred time for our courier to arrive. You can also come into our office during opening hours.

International Credit Card: We accept  international credit cards, but there is a transaction fee of  3%, which  is a standard fee charged by card providers for card payments processing. We can send a courier free of charge to your home or office (within Shanghai area) with a portable P.O.S card processing machine, or you may come into our office to pay.Alternatively you can fill in a credit card authorization form   and email/fax back to us.


Union Card:We accept  union cards , there is a transaction fee of 1% ,which  is a standard fee charged by card providers for card payments processing. We can send a courier free of charge to your home or office (within Shanghai area) with a portable P.O.S card processing machine, or you may come into our office to pay.

 Bank Transfer: We can provide our bank account details for you to arrange a direct bank transfer. We will need a remittance slip or transaction confirmation that the payment has been made to our account. Note transfers from international accounts can take a few days to complete so please factor this in if your booking needs to be urgently confirmed.


Shanghai Mandarin International Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Shanghai Municipal Branch, People Square Sub-Branch
Bank account Number: 1001 2058 1930 0069 369
Bank Address: No.377 West Nanjing Road,Shanghai,China
Routine Code:102290020585


Ali Pay: You can search Account via phone No.  or email address then re-confirm the full name in Chinese is 上海新尚维国际旅行社有限公司.
 Ali Pay ID ‘s Phone No. Of 18321396195 or Email Id:  

Wechat Pay: You can add Classic Travel on Wechat as a friend then do bank transfer directly.
Wechat ID is phone No. of 18321396195 or  ID: ClassicTravelChina,  

When we confirm receipt of your payment, we will send you a “Payment Received” email.



After Sales


Our services don't just end after you pay! Your Travel Planner will send you a reminder for your trip as well as any relevant information prior to your departure.


During your travels be sure to keep our emergency contact details handy in case you need to contact us to assist with any unexpected problems that may arise. Please do let us know if things are not going well or as expected so we have a better chance of helping to rectify the problem straight away.


After you return from your trip you will have the opportunity to fill out our Customer Feedback Survey. Your comments are extremely valuable to us in our commitment to continuously improve our products and services, so we appreciate you taking the time to give us your constructive feedback.