Apart from that Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination and offers a host of historical places to visit, it’s also a country of Buddhism, about 85 percent of the population are still practising Theravada Buddhists, which is a unifying faith that colours all aspects of Thai people’s daily life. Discover all the magnificent palaces and Buddhist temples in Thailand, go see some more traditional scene of fishing communities, rubber plantations and water markets, as well as go try this country’s unique and famously sophisticated cuisine. Thailand is a country that adroitly avoided colonization has been able to absorb Western influences while maintaining its own rich heritage, a place you can never miss.
  • Great food (Tom Yam Gong, Pad Thai...)
  • Has the best weekend market in SEA
  • Many places to go and see
  • Friendly locals & warm hospitality
  • See the best ladyboy in Thailand

Popular Places to Go


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