Taiwan's traditional culture, best natural ecological environment and cultural sites are very well perserved. There are various ways to discover the beauty of this island. Try shopping and eating at "Night Markets" in Taipei, these collections of street stalls, sidewalk vendors and small canteens are a major part of the Taiwanese social scene. Or have an awesome journey of natural discovery! Go trekking in the magnificence of the cliffs at Taroko Gorge; take a ride on the Alishan Forest Railway and experience the breathtaking sunrise and sea of clouds; hike up to the summit of Northeast Asia's highest peak of Yu Mountain. Or just lazy away on the beach and soak up the sun in Kenting, an Asia's version of Hawaii; stand at the edge of Sun Moon Lake; wander through the East Rift Valley; or visit the offshore islands of Kinmen and Penghu. And if there is a chance, go explore the local Age-Old Aborigine Culture.
  • See More Traditional Culture
  • Fly a traditional sky lantern with wishes
  • Savor a feast at night markets
  • Warmth of the Taiwanese Welcome
  • Traditional Taiwanese town in Tainan

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