A tantalizingly unexplored destination for the travelers in East Asia, a country with a pine-clad land of mountains, misty archipelagos, green rice paddies, skyscrapers and temples coexist. For visitors, South Korea's highly distinctive culture is an absolute joy to dive into, which has been amazingly survived from its troubled history. Also, Korea has a fair number of of beautiful national parks, remote beaches, islands in the south, rugged mountain peaks, and one of the world's best kept secret ski destinations, which all make this peninsula a stunningly diverse country and one that is great for outdoor adventures. And no matter how tourists familiar with Korea’s customs or etiquette, you will always be welcomed with smily faces and open arms.
  • Korean ginseng tea
  • Best-preserved Korean Buddhist art
  • Many great ski destinations
  • Highly distinctive culture
  • Gorgeous hiking scenery

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