Malaysia is a nation rich in cultural and geographical diversities. Divided between the Malaysian Peninsula and the island of Borneo by the South China Sea, this destination is a favorite for its tropical year-round climate and impressive array of unspoiled beaches, pristine marine habitats, wild jungles, and unique wildlife. The people are a melting pot of Malay, Indian, Chinese and minority ethnic groups and this makes for a fascinating combination of vibrant traditions, architecture, festivals and food. Whilst Malay is the national language, English is widely spoken making it extremely traveler-friendly, and the wide range of attractions and things to do means no two visits are ever the same. Active travelers who love the outdoors will be spoilt for choice, with fabulous hiking, boating and diving, whilst those seeking relaxation can indulge in luxury resorts in secluded and beachfront locations.
  • KL’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers
  • Wild jungles & rainforests
  • Fabulous diving & snorkeling
  • Pristine beaches & blue waters
  • Amazing wildlife & orangutans

Popular Places to Go


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