This vast country with a long and ancient history is now undergoing the most rapid creative and commercial development the world has ever seen. A whirlwind of diversity & contradictions, fast-growing infrastructure & chaotic traffic, teeming crowds & spiritual temples, space-age innovation & well-preserved antiquity. Landscapes vary from towering urban skyscrapers in the eastern cities to green rice paddy fields and misty hilltops in the southwest, scorched epic vistas of Xinjiang in the northwest, contrast with majestic mountains of Tibet. Apart from the Chinese, scores of distinct ethnic minorities and foreigners call this country home, creating a new culture intertwined with centuries of age-old traditions. China is both incredible and challenging at the same time, full of color and flavor - all of which makes it such an endlessly fascinating destination to travel.
  • Numerous historical heritage sites
  • Traditional, ethnic & modern cultures
  • Countless breathtaking landscapes
  • Distinct local cuisines & flavours
  • Witness the development first hand

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