Established by fishermen from Fujian and farmers from Guangdong, they develop Macao into a "trading gate", and also was function as a part of the Silk Road with ships loading here with silk for Rome. Later on, the local entrepreneurs welcomed the arrival of Portuguese merchant-explorers, who helped to form Macao’s exotic-looking architectures, and helped this city to become a major entrepot for trade between China, Japan, India and Europe. Here you can feel the perfect crossroad for the meeting of East and West cultures. The Roman Catholic church, a Christian college which is beside the Ruins of St Paul's, and some other churches were built, as well as fortresses, which gave the city an historical European appearance that distinguishes it to this day.
  • Many World Heritage sites to see
  • Unique culture mix & original souvenirs
  • Shopping till you dropping
  • A combination of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine

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