By serendipity and design, Hawaii is an almost flawless destination. It’s an enchanting multicultural society with roots in Polynesia, Asia, North America and Europe, and it’s an expression of nature at its most luscious and divine. About seven million visitors come to experience paradise annually, but the islands are not as crushed with sun-baked tourists and cooing honeymooners as that sounds. If you want a cushy resort vacation, head for Oahu’s Waikiki or West Maui. For something cheaper or more adventurous, aim for the Big Island or Kauai. If time is short, stick to one island and make the most of it. Honolulu is a teeming cultural and economic powerhouse, but in under an hour you can be alone in the rainforest or snoozing on white sand. Locals know that Hawaii isn’t really paradise, but on any given day it can sure feel like it.
  • 6 islands to choose from
  • Delicious Pacific Rim cuisine
  • Fiery volcanoes & cavorting whales
  • It’s the birthplace of president, Barack Obama

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